Vol. 27:1


Released in Winter 2012.

“Aunt Pearl’s Watermelon #2” by April Dobbins

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Bethany Reid The Apple Orchard
Rita Chang The Vestige
Irene Keliher Alaska
Lisa Blackwell Looks Good on Paper
Wendy Breuer The Museum of Analog Antiquities
Rochelle Hurt Reading Whitman in the Chemo Room
Shawna Thompson Chemo Brain
Terry Godbey I Fell in Love with an Octopus
Ann Howells under the willows
Elizabeth Burk Winter in Louisiana
Uncle Hershey—1954
M.L. Brown If This Looks Odd
Kathleen A. Kelly Provenance: A Sestina
Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor After Reading a Letter from the Addict
My Brother Who Doesn’t Speak to Our Mother Comes to Visit
Catherine Thompson Bitter Melons
Linnea Harper The Name He Made You
Virginia Bell No Words for These Matters
Eugenia Leigh Impossible Questions
Lavonne J. Adams Disparity
Molly Spencer A Wendy House
Sarah Rossiter Woman in a White Truck, Driving
Judy Ireland Thoughts on Gay Marriage, While Visiting My Lover’s Parents
Jennifer Fandel The Death of Chang and Eng, 1811-1874
Aisha Sharif Layl-tul-Qadr (The Night of Power)
Melissa Holmes Approaching the Solstice
Tamiko Beyer after ten years, a net
Joan Manheimer Red Riding
Donna Coffey St. Margaret
Amanda Mead Man Deemed Not Guilty of Rape Due to Skinny Jeans
Darlene Pagan Anatomy of a Girl
Penelope La Montagne Women of a Certain Age
Margaret Hasse How Does the Dog Spend Her Day?
Pamela Davis Guardian
The Songbird’s Daughter
Jeanne Wagner A History of Uneven Exposure
Sandra Kohler The Air
Good Friday
M. G. Parham Ruminations After a Hysterectomy Reason Enough
Sara Kirschenbaum Pears
Michelle Brady Cookie Bunnies
Megan Chapman He did the impossible
April Dobbins Self-Portrait, Spring
Aunt Pearl’s Watermelon #2
Cynthia Spencer Trophy Wife
Meditation on Going
Elizabeth Wharton Apple
Blue Board
Katrina Pallop October
The Breakers
From the Center
Rosa del Duca The Script
Penelope Scambly Schott The Voluptuary by Paulann Petersen
Toni Hanner Entering by Cecelia Haven
Sarah Wetzel Ezekiel’s Wheels by Shirley Kaufman
Edith O’Nuallain Fiona, Stolen Child by Gemma Whelan
Kristen Clapper Bergsman The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Tora Bailey
Heather Taylor Johnson The Mother/Child Papers by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
Edythe Haendel Schwartz America the Beautiful by Paula Gunn Allen
Margaret Randall Caput Nili: How I Won the War and Lost My Taste for Oranges by Lisa Gill
Sarah Wetzel Night, Morning by Hamutal Bar-Yosef
Roxanne Halpine Ward Lucky Fish by Aimee Nezhukumatathil


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