Vol. 29:1


Vol. 29:1 was released in Winter/Spring 2016. In celebration of CALYX’s fortieth anniversary, this issue features reflections by reflections by founders and editors C. Lill Ahrens, Barbara Baldwin, Alicia Bublitz, Marjorie Coffey, Emily Elbom, Kelsey Connell Greco, Meredith Jenkins, Beverly Sue McFarland, Elizabeth McLagan, Micki Reaman, and Linda Varsell Smith.

“The Green Suitcase” by Brenna Crotty

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Sarah Nix A History of Pottery
Brooke Matson Tea Kettle
Libby Swope Wiersema Travels of the Largesse
Abigail Lee The library of July
María Luisa Arroyo man dast-haye shomara bus mikonam: I Kiss Your Hands
Nicole Tong Inaccurate Theory
Linda Tomol Pennisi Do Not Put Frida Kahlo in the Poem about Your Daughter
Edwina Trentham Blessing
How Joy Is Never Erased
Gina Valdés Gold Nuggets
Barb Reynolds A to Z
Julie R. Enszer Introduction
Ghaida Moussa 3’Ourbeh
Stephania Byrd Bopping and Dipping on a Half Step
Jenny Factor The Middle Distances
Tara Shea Burke Three Unsent Postcards
t’ai freedom ford Lucky Number 7
Cheryl Clarke The woman who raised me
what goes around comes around
Elana Dykewomon Pauline Newman at 92
Minnie Bruce Pratt Justice, Come Down
Cherríe  L. Moraga Para la Kathy de Colusa
Nancy Sue Brink The First Bright Day of Windy Spring
Gerry Brightwell Dirt
IP Brinck A Rhombus Perception
Pauline Yearwood The Last Summer of Polio
Harmony Hazard Scarves
Talisha M. Shelley There Have Been Fires
Sharon Wood Wortman Field Trip to the Guide’s Natural and Modified Hazardous Areas
Margarita Donnelly The Green Suitcase
Lawrence Paul Kirkland The CALYX Poppy, Vol 1:1
Mary Ann Johns earthenware, Vol. 3:3
Martha Banyas Cloisonne enamel, Vol. 4:2
Jennifer Stabler Holland Untitled, Vol. 7:1
Patricia Forsberg Or Would Madam Prefer the Renaissance?, Vol. 9:1
Betty LaDuke Pachamama and the Magic Leaves, Vol. 10:1
Leah Kosh Bird Communion: Green Kingfisher, Vol. 14:2
Janet McKenzie Lila in Repose, Vol. 15:1
Terry Niedzialek America the Beautiful, Vol. 15:2
Anne Beffel & Ursula C. McCarty Note for the Stitched Fruit , Vol. 18:1
Katherine Ace Wishing Well, Vol. 20:1
Lily Valdés El Arbol de la Vida y su Procreacíon, Vol. 24:2
Taryn Wells Fix You, Vol. 25:1
Marlana Stoddard Hayes Koan, Hearing , Vol. 26:2
April Dobbins Aunt Pearl’s Watermelon #1, Vol. 27:1
Jody Joldersma Birth of the Homunculi, Vol. 27:2
Sarah Kain Gutowski Paper Doll Fetus by Cynthia Marie Hoffman
Pamela Erens Life In, Life Out by Avital Gad-Cykman
Debbie McCulliss Something Wrong with Her by Cris Mazza
Laura Madeline Wiseman Seven New Generation African Poets edited by Kwame Dawes and Chris Abani
Kelly Fordon Study in Perfect by Sarah Gorham
Mary Catherine Loving Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valdez
Edith M. Baker Yes, There Will Be Singing by Marilyn Krysl


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