Vol. 30:1


Vol. 30:1 was released in Summer/Fall 2017. In celebration of CALYX’s fortieth anniversary, this issue features an essay by co-founder and editor Elizabeth McLagan, as well as thirteen of her selected poems.

“Border Crossings #3” by Betty LaDuke

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Lorain Urban The War of the Ghosts
Katherine Lo Sister Psalm
Elizabeth Catanese Coming Out
Sarah Koenig How to Vacuum a Skyscraper
Laura Budofsky Wisniewski Great-Grandmother Quartet
Eileen Ivey Sirota Waiting
Elizabeth McLagan Cartography
  A Truing of Vision
  My Mother’s Gestures, My Grandmother’s Machine
Bathing Outdoors in Trinidad
Eve’s Snake
Lament for the Belly Button
  At Twelve
  Elegy for an April Midnight
Homage to Paul Klee
Some of the Women: Mark Rothko, 1930s
Portrait of the Artist as My Father
Saying Less
Studio Voices
Anita Olivia Koester Dear Dad,
Svetlana Beggs Mayakovsky’s Ghost in St. Petersburg Metro
Christa Romanosky Pyrotechnic City
Laura Sullivan Something Wild
Sarah Wetzel Number No Longer in Service
Elizabeth Grace Davis Foster Parent Closet
Sandra Chavez Johnson Card #6: La Sirena
Card #23: La Luna
Jenna Rindo Corn Chronology
Leila Chatti Mary in the Waiting Room at the Gynecologist’s Office
Dorsey Craft Funeral
Julie Murphy Perfume
Joan I. Siegel At the Window
Sarah van Praag Leonard Travels with My Mother
Sara Erdmann In Two Decades
Nancy Morgan Wood Run
Jacqueline Keren Winter Pig
Connie Mayo Little Breaks
Betty LaDuke Border Crossings #1
Border Crossings #2
Border Crossings #3
Border Crossings #4
Standing Rock Water Protectors 3-5
Standing Rock Totem #1
Standing Rock Totem #2
Darya Tsymbalyuk Disruption I
Disruption II
Virginia Mallon Eve in the Garden of Good and Evil
Suzanne LaGrande Sister with the Tiger Eyes
Penda Diakite Fortune or Fame
Real Football
Rodriguez Calero La mujer ideal
Jenn Powers Angels
Amy Meissner The Fragile Domestic, detail
Alicia Bublitz Waiting for the Light by Alicia Suskin Ostriker
Serenity Schoonover The Kite and the String: How to Write with Spontaneity and Control–And Live to Tell the Tale by Alice Mattison
Rachael Vega October House by Bonny Barry Sanders
Cindy Mom How Light Reaches Us by Kristin Berger


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